Pre-Death Resources & Anticipatory Grief


Anticipatory Grief: What is it?

When Your Parent Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens

From Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice:


Regional and National Links:

Candlelighters for Children with Cancer
on-profit organization for children with cancer and their families. Many support resources listed on their website, including bereavement resources for parents and siblings. Active branch in Medford serving Southern Oregon families.
Phone: 503-235-5722

Asante Hospice

Asante Ashland Community Hospital Hospice

Providence Home Care & Hospice

Klamath Hospice, Klamath Falls

Misc for Patients, Families and/or Caregivers

Family Caregiver Alliance
National Center on Caregiving
Caregiver and pre-death resources, including information on anticipatory grief.

Compassion and Choices
Oregon section, too (see main web site or Google)
Support for patients with a terminal illness who have chosen or are considering choosing to end their lives according to the Death with Dignity Act. Some support for their families, too.


Anticipatory Grief
“Anticipatory grief is exactly what it says: the feeling of anxiety and sadness at loss, begun before the loss occurs. When loss means death, the term applies to both the survivors and the person who is dying. The lost love object may be a pet or other animal, not necessarily a human being. Loss may refer to non-death-related events as well, such as impending divorce, planned mastectomy, or a company downsizing.”