Complicated Grief, Trauma and Traumatic Loss


Most people experiencing normal grief have deep sorrow, numbness, anger and sometimes guilt. Gradually these feelings ease, and it’s possible to move forward with life again.  In complicated grief, feelings of loss are debilitating and don’t improve even after time passes. In complicated grief, painful emotions are so long-lasting and severe that you have trouble accepting the loss and reinvesting in your life.

The following can complicate the healing process: a tragic death, a lengthy care giving period, conflicted and disfunctional relationships, perceived lack of support, your physical and mental/emotional health, and/or a perception that you could have prevented the death.

We recommend individual counseling for complicated grief.  These professionals have all taken the WinterSpring training.  Some have sliding scales and/or take OHP or Medicare. Call our office for our counselor referral list:  541-552-0620.


Regional & National Links

Rogue Valley Chaplain’s Association
“Local Chaplain Support for Organizational/Collective Crisis. From their website:
RVCA is constantly training and supporting Chaplains for the work they do in the Rogue Valley, with Public Safety Agencies and with the Community Members. Chaplains go through extensive initial training and background and reference checks.  Then they will continue to train on a regular basis.”
PO Box 1328
Grants Pass, Oregon  97528
(541) 450-9532
Fred M. Saada
Executive Chaplain

Center for Complicated Grief
For people suffering from complicated grief and those who know someone suffering from complicated or traumatic grief. The Center for Complicated Grief is connected to Columbia University’s School of Social Work. This website has pages for professionals and pages for the general public, with information and resources for those suffering from complicated grief.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network
The National Child Traumatic Stress Network provides information on its website and through its publications as a public service; providing resources for dealing with traumatic grief:

Sudden: Supporting People After Sudden Death
“People bereaved by sudden death suffer terribly – whether it’s through a road crash, suicide, disaster, war, accident, or undiagnosed medical reasons. They are often left isolated, bewildered and traumatized and need specialist support to help them cope and move forwards with their lives.
Sudden is a charitable initiative sharing best practice, research and resources among professionals across the world working with people who are suddenly bereaved. Through this, we aim to help ease the suffering of people bereaved by any kind of sudden death.”

Journeys Through Grief Newsletter Blog
Resources for Coping with Grief, Traumatic Loss and Stress

Helping Men Heal
HMH is an organization dedicated to helping men from all backgrounds & beliefs heal from trauma & loss. HMH helps men through evidence-based facilities and service models.