How to cope with grief — KOBI 5 news story

Five things to help with the grief many are feeling in the aftermath of the shootings:  Turn off the media if it’s too much; do nice things for other people; take inventory of the good things in life; take care of yourself — exercise and good diet; pay attention to the kids in your life and listen when they want to talk — help them process the grief they might feel.

Helping Kids by Teaching Teachers about Grief

Photo by Jason Henry for the SF Chronicle

It takes lots of caring adults to help kids through grief. We had a conversation with the Medford School District this week about bringing our bereavement training into the schools — because teachers and other adults often don’t know how to help a youth in pain from a loss. It’s nice to see that this important work is being embraced in other places.  See this San Francisco Chronicle article.

Talking about grief — what our kids need

New York Times September 26 2012

Grief and loss are such a natural part of life.  And yet, people don’t know how to be with it in healthy ways.  I love this article from the New York Times that talks about including children in the mourning process and why.  At WinterSpring, we advocate for talking with kids about their grief and we have support groups available to help.

Click here for this NYT article.