Our Ten Grief Tips

Our Ten Grief Tips for Adults

Help if you are grieving:

Help for a friend or loved one:

  1. Recognize that grieving happens on its own timeframe.
  2. Find safe places and safe ways to express your feelings.
  3. Give yourself permission to do less.
  4. You don’t need to do this alone.
  5. Honor your loved one in whatever ways feel natural to you.
  6. Don’t immerse yourself in taking care of everybody else.
  7. Learn about grief, especially common themes for your particular kind of loss.
  8. Remember that your body is grieving too.
  9. Allow yourself to enjoy something, even laughter, whenever those moments come.
  10. When you’re ready, start discovering who you are in this new stage of life without the physical presence of your loved one.
  1. Be there.
  2. Listen and … keep listening.
  3. Offer practical, immediate help, especially in the first weeks after the death.
  4. Talk about the loved one who died, and don’t be afraid to use his or her name.
  5. Ask questions from the heart, not the head.
  6. Acknowledge significant days.
  7. Keep the invitations coming.
  8. Be ready for ups and downs.
  9. Accept even the shocking feelings.
  10. Be a friend, not an expert.

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