Upcoming Support Groups!

Hands Julie and Emma_FotorWe are taking sign-ups for:

Aging and Loss Support Group begins Monday, January 13, 10:30 – !2:00 at the Ashland YMCA.

Spouse/Partner Loss Support Groups begins Tuesday, January 14, 1-2:30 in Medford.

Bereaved Parents Support Group begins Tuesday, February 4, 7-8:30 in Medford.

Suicide Loss Support Group begins the first week in February in Medford.  Date and Time TBA.

As with all of our groups, please call our office to sign up: 541-552-0620. For more info from this website, click here.

The aftermath of tragic death and how to be with each other

FootprintsInSandThis NY Times essay is a moving account of the aftermath of a teen’s suicide and the difficulty her mom had in going out in public afterward.

Here’s what one of her friends did — a good reminder for how to be with each other in grief: “Unexpectedly, I ran into Lin…I steel myself for her approach. But she neither avoids me, nor makes light conversation. Instead, she walks right up, looks me straight in the eyes, and gives me a very long, tight hug. Then she walks on. Not a word uttered. Nothing is required of me. I slowly exhale. I couldn’t have told Lin what I needed, but somehow, she has gotten it exactly right.”  Read more…

Neuroscience and grief — why companion animal loss triggers so much grief

Clara kittyLoss of a companion animal is a disenfranchised loss in our society. This essay makes some important points on why WinterSpring has a new support group for Companion Animal Loss.   Read about the science and emotion around grief triggered by the loss of a beloved animal.  Click here to get the article.

Our Children’s Program on the Front Page of the Mail Tribune

Photo courtesy of Jamie Lusch of the Mail Tribune.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Lusch of the Mail Tribune.

WinterSpring’s Children’s Program at Bellview School has been a wonderful experience for these kids.  Thanks to Sherry Nurre, our trained volunteer, for spearheading an additional program in Ashland.  We also have our ongoing program in Medford.  Call our office for more information about the programs coming up during the next school year: 541-552-0620.

Here’s a link to the article.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Series

New group in collaboration with Wise Women Care Associates:

wbAlone-in-grief-artPregnancy and Infant Loss Support
A collaboration between WinterSpring and Wise Women Care Associates

This is a series for mothers and couples who have experienced the loss of a child during pregnancy or infancy.

This group will meet once a month starting in July 2013.
Facilitated by Tressi Albee, who has completed WinterSpring’s Professional Grief & Loss Training and has extensive experience with bereavement issues and facilitating grief support groups.

Please call Wise Women Care Associates for more information or to register: